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erase endure

Erase | Endure: Poems
by Joel Thomas Katz

A collection of poems published by Dutch Poet Press in 2020 explores these two resonant themes of Erase and Endure.  The poet brings them to life with an array of keen personal insights both serious and funny, delightful and penetrating.

Softcover | 64 pages | $15

vrije uitloop free range

Vrije uitloop | Free range
Poems by Saskia Stehouwer
Translation + Field Notes by Joel Thomas Katz, Robert Perry and Saskia Stehouwer

A transcontinental collaborative translation of Vrije uitloop, a book of eco-poetry by Saskia Stehouwer (Marmer, 2016)  with ‘Field Notes’ —discoveries and observations the translators made in their exchange during the project.

Softcover | 152 pages | $15

iets anders something else

iets anders | something else
vertaling van gedichten |
translation of poems
ingmar hetze & saskia stehouwer
by Joel Thomas Katz and Robert Perry

A selection of poems by two contemporary poets from The Netherlands, Ingmar Heytze and Saskia Stehouwer, translated from Dutch into English with essays from translators about the experience. Published by Dutch Poet Press in 2018.

Softcover | 110 pages | $15

comfort of potatoes

The Comfort of Potatoes
by Janice Dabney

A fine press book with special papers and hand bound binding that contains a suite of poems dedicated to the humble, yet remarkable potato.

Softcover | 64 pages | $25

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nature of light

The Nature of Light
by Robert Perry

A collection of poems inspired and informed by Dutch art selected by the author. In this volume, he returns to his first love — the history of art from the Netherlands. He engages the works responding to them as an art historian and a poet. He finds new meaning and appreciation by writing poetry rather than prose.

As a regular part of the process, the poet-publisher is also creating the design for this book that summarizes his life looking at Dutch art.