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vier seizoenen

Vier Seizeonen (Four Seasons)
Poem by Robert Perry

Broadside edition of four-stanza poem printed with digital photo polymer plates by Matt Kelsey and designed by the poet Robert Perry in April 2019.

Edition of 100 | $30 each

view of haarlemsheets of linen

Sheets of Linen
Three-Stanza Poem by Robert Perry

Handmade edition of three-stanza poem with watercolor bound in a linen-covered book with Japanese-stab binding, inspired and informed by the View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds by Jacob van Ruisdael, c1665, Mauritshuis, The Hague [left].

Design, watercolor painting, and binding
by Robert Perry

Printing by Mike Day, Long Day Press,
Sunnyvale, California with van Dijck, the 17th century typeface designed by Cristobal van Dijck.

Edition of 30 | $250 each


When the sun returns
and the air is sweet again

The eye of the camera obscura
opens onto a small world

The windows of the city glinting
along canals and the square
somber curtain disappear
replaced by teams of shimmering lace

 And in the church towers
carillon bells rejoice like tongues
in the market stalls
they clatter and sing

 In this republic morning has
only just begun

poems on the spot

Poems on the Spot
Poetry by Robert Perry

Handmade edition of twelve poems, requested and typed “on the spot” with a 1948 Royal typewriter at the Book Arts Jam of Bay Area Book Artists at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California in 2010, with illustrations and coptic binding.

Design by Robert Perry and Mike Day.

Printing and linocut and digital photo polymer plate illustration by Letterpress Printing class of Mike Day in Studio 1801 at Foothill College.

Binding by Book Arts class of Kent Manske in Studio 1801 at Foothill College.


from Dana

muse of her universe
muse of her childhood
queen of her enchanted kingdom

she lives in the eye of night
walks on the paws
of her heart

inside the yawning mouth
of day waiting in the light
for the pather's shadow
to appear

beware the ides

Beware the Ides
Design by Robert Perry

March in collaborative calendar broadside edition of 2010: Year of the Tiger, printed with metal and wood type and digital photo polymer plate on flame-singed paper by Robert Perry with Letterpress Printing class of Mike Day in Studio 1801 at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California in 2010.

beautiful dream poem

Beautiful Dream (Belle Rêve)
Poem and Linocut Illustration
by Robert Perry

Page spread in collaborative handmade edition of New Orleans Then and Now printed with metal type and linocut block by Robert Perry with Letterpress Printing class of Mike Day, Studio 1801, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California in 2009.

Dedicated to Mary Mathews Perry

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NEW BOOK in progess
memento mori


Before th mirror
the burden of desire
settles upon the lips

the tongue

the curve of his hands

A boy stands watch
over a city of mist

where fog modifies
light and shadow
induces sleep

Errant complacent souls
reside in rows of solemn
ornate houses

hear only the muffled shocks
of progress

continents in flames

reports from distant airfields

a child found murdered
in a shallow grave

a voice on the radio
offers absolution

but the swimmer is blind

He takes oceans of water
into his lungs

starfish and anemone
attach to his body

clouds of blood stream
toward the light

All that we are searching for
we cannot find

His automobile
left upon a nearby shore

a bright metallic shell

a hollow sun
above the sea


Memento Mori poem
for Vanitas
by Robert Perry

Handmade boxed edition of "Memento Mori" poem and platinum photo print from a 1937 photo taken in San Francisco by the artist's father on a single leaf; "Articles of Faith," a book of five poems and an accordion-fold book of related imagery — both inspired by the original photo and poem. (Prototype model pictured here.)

Project dedicated to the artist's parents.

vanitas inside