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Now Available from Dutch Poet Press — iets anders | something else!

iets anders | something else

vertaling van gedichten | translation of poems

ingmar heytze & saskia stehouwer

by Joel Katz and Robert Perry


A selection of poems translated from Dutch into English and essays about the experience to be published in print and electronic form.


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Available from Dutch Poet Press — The Comfort of Potatoes!

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The Comfort of Potatoes

by Janice Dabney

A suite of poems dedicated to the humble, yet remarkable potato.

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Believe the potato is your foot.

Press the side by your right thumb

and the corresponding area on your body

will sigh. Massage the top half

with your two thumbs and

your aching shoulders will understand.

Interlock your fingers around the back

of the potato, balancing it

as if it might break.

These actions

will prevent you from doing so.

Coming Soon from Dutch Poet Press — The Art of Painting!

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The Art of Painting

by Robert Perry

Poems that extend Vermeer’s allegory to poetry.


To be available as a print and electronic book. Inquire here.

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Hum of Bees

by Esther Kamkar

Ziba Press, Palo Alto, California

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The Long Night of Flying

by Sharon Olson

Sixteen Rivers Press, San Francisco, California

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Waverley Writers: Celebrating 25 Years 1981-2006

Edited by Sharon Olson and Palmer Pinney

Published by Waverley Writers, Palo Alto, California.

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